Ethiopia Earns 71.1 Million USD From Leather Export

Addis Ababa, March 15, 2012 (Addis Ababa) -Ethiopia, which ranks 1st in livestock population in Africa, has  secured an  over 71.1 million US dollars from export of leather and  leather products in seven months in this Ethiopian fiscal year, the  Ethiopian Leather Industries Association said.

Association  Secretary-General, Abdisa Adugna told ENA on Thursday  that the revenue  was earned from the export of semi-processed and finished leather  products.

According to Abdisa, the amount secured during  the reported period exceeded that of last year same period by 25 million USD. It was only 46 million USD which was obtained last year same  period.

The lion’s share of the revenue goes to  semi-processed leather product (crust) accounting for 47.6 million USD.  Finished products constitute 18 million USD of the total revenue while  that of shoes accounts for 4.8 million USD.

The balance was received from the export of gloves and other leather products, Abdisa said.

According to Abdisa, the increase in the demand in the global market, the  transformation from low to high value export products are among the  major factors for the rise in the revenue being obtained from the  sub-sector.

The Secretary-General said Ethiopian made glove has higher demand in the international market because of the high  quality of the product.

Europe, Asia and USA are among the major buyers of the country’s leather products, the secretary said.

There are also about 12 small and medium scale industries engaged in the  production of leather garments, footwear and small leather articles for  the export and domestic market.

Ethiopia, which ranks 8th in the world in livestock population, has an estimated  57 million domestic animals.

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