Therefore, most asylum seekers men



Dangerous escape routes, unscrupulous smugglers and increased war pressures are some of the factors that put young single men are so dominant in Norwegian reception.
1. Increased risk – dangerous escape

The fact that more men emigrate and seek asylum in Norway, is a sign that refugees must take greater risks to reach Europe, says senior advisor Paul Nesse NRC.

– What we see among the Syrian refugees now, is that there are some families, the rest are young men. It is because it is a dangerous and difficult journey to oggjennom Europe, with inflatables, barbed wire fences and chasing police.

2. A husband is head of the family – and have their papers in order

MenNesse also lists other causes of the stream of men from troubled and war-torn parts of the Middle East and East Africa. They are closely related to this is patriarchal society.

– The man is seen as head of the family. It is he who takes the decision and conduct the flight, with the hope of family reunion later. Often it is also only man who has the documents in order, who have passports


3. Escaping from war and conscription
Another part reason why many men fleeing, fear for the regime’s military and recruitment pressure from armed groups. Eritrea, as a great many of this year’s asylum seekers come from, a military service that can last iflere decades.
– Many men are fleeing because they want to avoid conscription and forced recruitment. Although it also is conscription for women, they release with the regular period. For men are military service a kind of forced labor because the military has control over industry and agriculture, explains Nesse


4. What happens to the women who are left?

When her husband travels, life becomes tougher for his wife and children who remain in their home country. They are more vulnerable to hunger, abuse and child marriage.

– The female aleneforsørgerne are generally more vulnerable to violence and hunger than others, says Lisa Sivertsen political leader in the aid organization Care Norway.

In the long term, a husband and father in another country providing better opportunities for the family and lead to better health and education for children. But in the short term, a father traveling produce the opposite effect.

Unmarried young women, widows and single mothers are more prone to sexual abuse – especially in war-torn and troubled land. Or in refugee camps where they have no protective network or close relatives.

– What we see is that women often seek protection from large family, being together with uncles and aunts and grandmother. It is in the close family structure that the greatest protection for a woman in the Middle East. Or so they seek protection in refugee camps, although that’s not so easy for single women with children, says Nesse.

In Syria, women are now exposed both discrimination, sexual abuse and physical violence from both the regime’s soldiers and other armed groups in Syria – not least terrorist organization IS, human rights groups have documented.

– Number of sexual abuse rises sharply in Syria. In societies that are so powerful in shaking the foundations disrupted basic norms of behavior sharply. In such conflict areas, we get a resurgence of sexual violence. Bullies always get more space during wars and conflicts, says Paul Nesse.

The wave of young men on their way to Europe brave also home countries for those with the most education, work capacity and creative will. Without this demographic will be challenging rebuild Syria when and if you get an end to the civil war.

– We know the positive effects migration may have on the economy, trade and kulturutvekskling. But if it is not handled correctly, the migration a problem both for the country you emigrate to the home country and who are abandoned, says Lado Gvilava, head of the International Organization for Migration in Turkey to New York Times.

… and what do they abandoned women about men who have traveled?

The US video journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem has interviewed women who remain in refugee camps in Syria. Many believe that men have failed their people and fatherland by sticking.

– We are in crisis. And when they’ve raised, who will save us and give us protection, ask an accusing young woman according to the Daily Mail

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