12 reasons for war against Syria

Libya, owner of huge oil fields was divided among the partners jihadists of NATO. Now it is the turn of Syria. And the next step, Iran.
Nazanin Armanian
The destruction of Syria, member of the “Axis of Evil”, was planned in 2003, since NATO had already dismantled Iraq, Iran and Libya. The reason, of course, was and never has been to end of other “regimes sponsors of terrorism” – witness that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia do not form part of the list, which was compiled during the administration of George W. Bush. The objectives actually are others:
1) Eliminate Israel’s rivals, without appearing to “destroy Muslim countries set up Islamophobia”, as some, but agree with others who advocate that “Islamic extremism is the enemy of the West.” The fact that Saddam Hussein regimes, Gaddafi and Assad were semi secular and that the “West” Keep magnificent relations with the Saudis obscurantist Orthodox invalidate both arguments
2) Engendering “the New Middle East” which would have to be accompanied by large and unavoidable “birth pangs,” as said Condoleezza Rice. Its design requires smashing the large states, forming mini-protectorates, thus ensuring the lasting domination of the israel empire on the strategic region with the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas, disputed by China, Russia and Europe.
The plan was a success: at the 90’s, have managed to dismember Iraq (since Kurdistan is practically independent), Yugoslavia, the last socialist country in Europe, as well as Sudan, the largest country in “Muslim Africa,” also holder of major oil exchanges. Libya, defender of Palestine, owner of huge oil fields and freshwater pockets, was divided among the partners jihadists NATO. Now it is the turn of Syria, another step towards the true trophy: Iran, the largest reserves of gas and third largest oil the world.
An unfortunate location
After transforming the moribund Iraq into a pile of rubble, George W. Bush focused on Iran, following the doctrine of “dual containment” (“dual containment”), which proposes curb the development of Iran and Iraq for the benefit of the supremacy of Israel . For this, besides imposing economic sanctions and political penalties to Iran, they had to disintegrate the so-called “resistance axis” , the alliance created by Tehran, with three of the country neighbors: Syria, Hezbollah (in Lebanon) and Hamas (Palestine) – which gave them financial support, political and military, while Iran count on their cooperation in case of being attacked by Israel. That is why:
1) To carry out effective military aggression against Iran, the Bush team decided to first destabilize Syria – with this too would disable Hamas and Hezbollah. The strategy is confirmed by information leaked by WikiLeaks in 2006, about the covert CIA operations against Damascus. This is the main reason for the war that is ravaging Syria, taking advantage of the situation of economic and social crisis in the country. While Barack Obama points his priority to contain China’s rise, his government refuses to a warlike war against Iran – but not the cyberwar and economic warfare – and chose to make Syria a trap for Israel’s rivals , prolonging the conflict so far. A “refugee crisis” Syrians in Europe will be a catalyst at the time of dismantling the Syrian state and an end to the Assad regime.
2) That the United States intends to:
3) take military control of the entire Mediterranean: Syria, after the fall of Gaddafi is the only country outside the NATO area in the zone.
4) Master Eurasia – the “heartland” or “pivot area” – from Syria.
5) Dismantling the Russian military base in Tartus port. Destroy the Syrian army, for its traditional and deep ties with Moscow – the same was done with the armies of Iraq and Libya.
6) Cut the Silk Road of China, passing by Syria.
7) present the “fall of Assad” as a trophy – the eve of the 2016 presidential election, Democrats can not allow Assad survive to Obama.
8) Saudi Arabia and Qatar need to install, in Iraq and Syria, allied to Sunni regimes the “Arab Gas Pipeline”, which must traverse both countries to reach the Mediterranean. Intended to replace Russia as the main supplier of gas to Europe, and cancel the project of a gas pipeline Iran-Iraq-Syria-Mediterranean. Your goal to maintain low oil prices is to force Russia and Iran – heavily dependent on income from oil and gas – to abandon Assad.
9) Turkey intended to recover the Ottoman and Sunni hegemony (version Muslim Brotherhood), on Syria, its market and its gas and oil reserves. To not get that now are dedicated to the creation of a Kurdish autonomy in the country. Plans including invade Syria, and now already turkey is invading Syria as we know,despite the risk of wear politically and militarily with this move.
10) Israel, which continues bombing Syria, achieved its goal of ending this state and leave Iran without its “strategic depth.” Thanks to an unusual anti-Iranian alliance with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, could increase pressure of Islamic State on Iran, which is already surrounded by thousands of NATO soldiers.
11) Russia, via Syria, tried to stop the advance of the jihadists, with many Chechens in their ranks, to keep this large market weapons, save its naval base in Tartus and avoid the US absolute dominion over the Middle East .
12) The Iranian military, who refuse to lose an ally as Assad (and look with concern the increased tension in Lebanon), were directly involved in the war, while the government of Hasan Rohani already speaks of a Syria without Assad. A division, even though normal could create a dangerous political fractures within the Islamic Republic.
With so many conflicting interests, it will be possible to achieve peace in Syria?

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