World news coverage on mass demonstrations against current Ethiopian government. By Abenezer Ahmed / From Germany

The current political instability and mass uprising and civil disobediences against the ruling Ethiopian party EPRDF are seemed to be alarming the western governments and their media as well. The resent massive public demonstration against the Ethiopian government in Gondar ( 31. 07. 2016) has been reported and deeply analyzed by western media, such as VOA English, BBC English News, Bloomberg and Agence France Press ( AFP). These mass uprisings and the harsh responses taken by the government soldiers have been widely covered by international media like Aljezera(, Jerusalem Post (, Deutsche Welle English ( and Waraq News- Somali News in Horn Of Africa (
AFP in its august 2016 publication has reported that a massive anti-government demonstration was held Ethiopia Gondar. In fact AFP has published this report in a title “Ethiopia’s ethnic Amhara stage mass anti-government protest” ( This shows the civil-disobediences started around eight months ago by innocent Oromo students have been expanding to the rest of the country. “Some of the protesters also used the occasion to express solidarity with the Oromo people, whose own demonstrations against alleged land appropriation left hundreds dead between last November and March, according to human rights groups. There was no immediate comment from the Ethiopian government on the latest protest.” (
The international news Agency Bloomberg News has reported the situation in Ethiopia on its Aug 2016 publications as “Protest in North Ethiopian Region Signals Rising Discontent.”( The report clearly states the fact that the Amhara demands were not only about Wolkait but also regarding the end of 25 years undemocratic and ethnic-based rule in Ethiopia. “Demands by the protesters in Gondar city included for Wolkait district of Tigray state to become part of Amhara and for an end to alleged Tigrayan domination of the government, Teshager Woldemichael, who campaigns on the Wolkait issue, said Monday by phone. He estimated there were 30,000 participants.” ( In addition, this news agency has tried to show the growing civil-disobediences and dislikes to the ruling government. “The Gondar protest came in the wake of violence by security forces and activists during unrest in the city in July spurred by the attempted arrest of Wolkait committee members. It also follows more than eight months of anti-government protests by the Oromo people, who allege political and economic marginalization, in which Human Rights Watch said more than 400 demonstrators were killed.”(
The VOA English has described the growing Amhara people demonstration against t the current ruling party TPLF in its publication on Aug 2, 2016 as “Protests in Ethiopia’s Gondar City Signal Uncertain Future.” ( James Butty from VOA English has interviewed Getachew Metaferia, professor of political science at Morgan State University, regarding the Gondar and Oromia demonstrations and the general situation of Ethiopia under the rule of the ethnic based Ethiopian government (TPLF). According to Professor Getachew the ruling government is the cause for all these disputes, demonstrations and civil-disobediences. “There is no human rights protection, no freedom of speech, freedom of the press,” (
“This echoed the response of the Oromia regional government earlier this year when it said it would address the grievances of the people there. For some observers, the Amhara protests appear to be part of a growing anti-government feeling, which the authorities are trying to contain.”( BBC has been also reporting both the Amhara and the Oromo’s uprisings against the current ruling party TPLF on its news coverages.
The Ethiopia government however, keeps pointing its finger on Eritrea and on those armed oppositions groups for the Oromo and Amhara people’s uprising and protests. “Government spokesman Getachew Reda, who could not be reached yesterday, has previously accused the Amhara protesters of “working in cahoots” with the Eritrean government in a bid to destabilise the country.”( “Two weeks ago, Ethiopia’s federal government accused neighboring Eritrea of being behind the unrest and strongly warned the country to refrain from its “evil actions”(
Of course, none of the above international media was able to prove the government’s accusation. However, these media seem to project the fact that the government is not exhibiting the fundamental criteria which are expected from a democratic state. They were quoting and presenting statements of human right watches, videos and interviews of concerned government officials, oppositions and neutral groups as evidence to strengthen to show the government is already on a false track. (
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By Abenezer Ahmed
From Germany

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