Now the world starts to witness the 25 years barbaric rule of TPLF.

Zerihun Shumete from Germany   “What is behind Ethiopia’s wave of protests?” BBC NEWS “Security forces accused of shooting dead people in Oromia and Amhara regions in attempt to suppress wave of protests.” ALJAZEERA

The international media are beginning to cover widely on the growing protests and public dis obedience in Ethiopia. The government have been deploying soldiers with full scale to launch and fire heavy on peaceful demonstrators. This cruel and barbaric act that the 90 million Ethiopians have been putting up for 25 years can now be seen thorough out the world. The people have had enough of the 25 years dictatorial rule by TPLF. With such mass demonstration, civil disobedience and armed struggle the life span of the current Ethiopian dictatorial government will soon come to an end. Our hearts bleed for deep sadness for those innocent Ethiopians in Gondor, Bahir Dahr, Oromoyia , Addis Ababa and other parts who lost their dear lives by the state sponsored killings. More than 100 demonstrators are reported being shot directly by the government snipers and soldiers. Let your soul rest in heaven.

Esat news
Zerihun Shumete

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