Remains of Two dragged in the street in Gondar, Ethiopia

8 June 2012 [ESAT News];
 Remains of two alleged members of guerrilla group killed by local police in Ethiopia’s Northern Gondar Province, Sanja city of Lower Armachiho Locality was reported to have been desecrated. The two individuals named Dagnachew Ayalew and Shenkona Kefyalew were long-time residents of the city, according to the weekly Andenet Party’s organ Finote Netsanet.
According to local residents, Mr Dagnachew left his normal life in the city and went into the bush following irreconcilable disagreement he had with one other resident of the city while the reason for Mr. Shenkona’s bush life is not yet known.
However the local government officials claim that the two individuals are members of outlawed guerrilla movement that have revolted against the legally constituted government of EPRDF.
Following a lengthy arms fight, the two individuals were killed and their remains were dragged for three hours towed to a municipality truck in the city streets.
After they brutally dragged the corpses for three hours, the security officials left the two bodies in the middle of the city so that locals will see it. The locals weren’t pleased at all. People were rather expressing their anger at the level of brutality and lack of respect for human remains. Those who dared to openly express their disgust at the level of brutality and inhumane conduct were not spared from Police’s physical abuse and taunt.
After 5:00PM local time, the remains were taken to police station and were hung on trees for the entire night.
The following morning the local administration ordered the burial of the bodies in some undisclosed location contrary to local custom. The families of the deceased have formally requested to take possession of the remains and to bury them in a church cemetery according to their religious traditions.
In the highlands of Ethiopia, it is an age old custom to lead a brigand way of life if ones’ confidence wanes in the law or fairness of the law enforcement officials

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